Peaceful stones in water

Welcome to Sustainable Heart

You’re here for a reason. Perhaps you need support and understanding. Maybe you’re dealing with a crisis and need help. You may even be dealing with adjusting to our Post-Pandemic world, or maybe you want to improve your skills and abilities and would benefit from guidance and perspective.

Either way, these times are uncertain…it’s hard to not feel it. 

Do you feel overwhelmed by the changes and challenges each day?

It’s harder than ever to not be distracted by even the smallest trivia. It has come to the point that distraction feels like connection, when in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Many people are finding that their usual habitual patterns don’t work as well as they used to… if they can even notice!

A tree growing over the water with the sunrise reflecting off the water.

How can you achieve some degree of mindful awareness and find that calm, still point within you? If you feel you need help looking into the clear mirror of your own wisdom (which might need a bit of polishing), I can help you to see yourself and the world around you in a fresh way.

With a helping hand, and a few new skills, the next step can make a lasting and positive difference in your life. My work these days is to be a supportive guide in navigating this sea of uncertainty that has become our daily life.

You can call me for a 15 minute, free of charge consultation to ask any questions and see if it feels like a fit to work together. I look forward to meeting you.  

You’re Not Alone

I can help you with relationships, grief and loss, spiritual issues, occupation and career, major life transitions and changes, communication, anxiety, conflict, and more.