How I Can Help

My most important work is to help you become more consistently aware. By doing this, your experience of living will become less limited and richer with possibility.

Each time I meet a new client I feel the privilege of opening to who they are in the moment.

My 40 plus years of experience working with people, and as a meditator, allows me to hold up the clear mirror of skill and compassion for you, giving you real experiences you can use in your daily life to feel more connected to yourself and the world around you.

Dandelion seeds floating in the breeze over a serene background

I also show you how to let go of self-judgment and criticism, so you can learn to truly love yourself, no matter what your past has been like.

​By increasing your awareness in an atmosphere of support, you become more responsive and less reactive in the face of challenge and conflict.

​If you have a spiritual or meditation practice, I help you to integrate your practice into all aspects of your life. I have found that this is a common issue that is seldom addressed in the therapeutic setting.

​The duration of my work depends on your needs. It may be only a few sessions; it may be longer.  My purpose is to help, not to create a social hour. If I cannot be of help,  I’ll honestly let you know.



This is broad and truly escapes no one. To live is to be relational and connected. I help you become more relational and connected within yourself and the world around you. For this to happen, I teach you to create healthy boundaries. This gives rise to greater trust and confidence in relating to everything you experience. Developing a greater ability to stay connected in the midst of conflict is an essential tool.

Grief and Loss

We will all face this at some point. My experience with death and dying, as well as deep loss, is a pool I draw from to soothe the unbearable pain of change and loss.

Spiritual Issues

As I mentioned earlier, here I help to guide you to deal with the inevitable challenges of cultivating and maintaining a spiritual practice in our uncertain times.

Occupation and Career

I help you to gain clarity of purpose and doing in your life. This includes changes in career due to unexpected circumstances.

Major Life Transitions

This is where many people come in to see me. By addressing the crossroads of uncertainty, I help you to see and feel beyond the crisis and into the real possibilities being presented.


This is such a foundational issue. Here I help you to listen and be heard in new and more functional ways that cut through your old habitual patterns.


I point this out separately for those of you who wish to cultivate a meditation practice and the needed support to do so effectively.


Ah yes! Anxiety is on the rise today. The core issue is a deep dis-connect that limits so much of life. I teach you techniques and methods that are simple and reliable, so you can experience connection and feel calm in challenging moments.


I name conflict specifically because most of us do whatever we can to avoid it! However, conflict is always asking us to pay attention. I help you to become confident and less reactive in the face of conflict. 

This conflict can be within you or in the world around you. I work with you experientially, so you can be skillful in the inevitable face of conflict wherever it arises.

Let Me Help:

Call me for a 15-minute, free of charge consultation to ask any questions and see if it feels like a fit to work together. I look forward to meeting you.